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Available in Te Awamutu. Classes in Pole, Lyra/Aerial Hoop, Sling, Silks and Stretch

Please read the class descriptions below. 

Beginner Pole Flow


The best place to start on the pole. For any level, learn how to move freely and confidently around the pole with more of a dance focus. 

Pole Tricks

For any level. Begin with basic pole tricks and make your way through to advanced tricks over time. While building strength and mobility in the shoulders and wrists and strengthening your abdominals.

Lyra/Aerial Hoop


An exciting and challenging apparatus. 

This can be for any level although an amount of strength is required to get started. If you're willing to do the work however, we'll get you there from any level. 

Aerial Sling

For the beginner. A great intro to build up the strength to do Silks. Sling offers more support so is a more appropriate for the beginner. It is also a beautiful and fun apparatus in it's own right. 

Aerial Silks

An incredible apparatus that provides an immense workout and challenge for your upper body. We don't recommend you start with this until you can do one full pull up on your own or have done sufficient work on 

Super Stretch

Work towards your Front, and Middle Splits and your Thoracic Bridge. 


All classes are for ages 16+


Please email us at admin@taaerialarts.com for more details and to discuss what may be best for you